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Content Management System

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What are content management systems?.

A content management system describes a framework of services that allows different groups of people within an organisation to work on a project in colaboration with each other.

E-Solutions Web Content Management (WCM) system is designed to give you control over your large or complex websites.Sounds simple? It is because the E-Solutions platform gives you the ability to create and edit web pages and then maintain their structure, content and branding.

It is an essential design element for the web design to encompass a customer login facility so that front-end changes can be made by our customers.This allows online digital marketing specialists to log in and ensure that your products and/or services are being highlighted in a way that your clients can find them. It also allows Search Engine Optimisation techniques to be used by specialists logging into the site remotely.

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We know that it is not always essential for web developers to edit the content within a customers web based environment, therefore we ensure our clients are trained on the platform and fully understand how to make subtle changes to their site.

We would also go further and say that if the client cannot make these changes then they ultimately feel that they are not empowered to continue to develop their web sites within a set standard. When we traini our customers we always ensure that they fully undesrstand how to make a full backup of the site before attempting content changes. This way they are fully protected and able to add images and other types of data that keep the site content updated, which is important from a Search Engine optimisation and ranking point of view.



Content Management System

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